Луи Анкетен - Бордель Rousses 1888

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Луи Анкетен - Бордель Rousses 1888

Бордель Rousses 1888
70x55см пастель/бумага/картон
Private collection

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From Sotheby’s:
In the mirror at upper right is a hint that Anquetin did not visit these brothels alone, as the casually posed figure in the middle of the mirror may well be a self-portrait. To the left of this figure is a striking green profile that looks suspiciously like that of Emile Bernard, and finally in the right of the mirror is the unmistakable silhouette of Toulouse-Lautrec . Curiously, just to the right of this silhouette is Lautrec’s monogram, a hint that Lautrec himself may have added his own silhouette to this work, then marked it with his signature, suggesting a collaboration that illustrates how closely this group of artists worked together at the time, and how central Anquetin’s work should be to our understanding of this period.