Луи Анкетен - Интерьер отеля Bruant le Mirliton 1886

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Луи Анкетен - Интерьер отеля Bruant le Mirliton 1886

Интерьер отеля Bruant le Mirliton 1886
145x157см холст/масло
Private collection

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From Sotheby’s:
The present work, dating from 1886-87, belongs to the period in which, encouraged by Bernard, Anquetin turned away from his brief experiment with Neo-Impressionism and began to employ flat regions of color circumscribed by thick, black contour outlines. This new method evolved in parallel to the ideas expounded by the literary Symbolists who frequented the same cafés and engaged in passionate debates with the artists of Anquetin's circle. Although Bernard later claimed that it was he who originated Cloisonnism, Anquetin was hailed as the leader of the movement when he exhibited his works early in 1888, first with Les XX in Brussels and later in the Salons des Indépendents in Paris. His old school friend, Édouard Dujardin, created the moniker and, in the Revue Indépendante, used his analysis of Anquetin's work to link this style to the Symbolist movement.