Поль Сезанн - Вирсавия 1890

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Поль Сезанн - Вирсавия 1890

Вирсавия 1890
21x20см холст/масло
Private collection

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According to the Hebrew Bible, "Bat Sheva," more commonly known by the anglicized name Bathsheba was the wife of Uriah the Hittite and later of David, king of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah. She is most known for the Bible story in which she and King David committed adultery. Bathsheba was a daughter of Eliam, one of David's "thirty" (2 Sam. 23:34; cf 1 Chr. 3:5); Eliam was the son of Ahitophel, one of David's chief advisors. Ahitophel was from Giloh (Josh. 15:51;cf 2 Sam. 15:12), a city of Judah, and thus Bathsheba was from David's own tribe and the granddaughter of one of David's closest advisors (2 Sam.15:12)." She was the mother of Solomon, who succeeded David as king, making her the Queen Mother.