Поль Сезанн - Натюрморт с кувшином воды 1893

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Поль Сезанн - Натюрморт с кувшином воды 1893

Натюрморт с кувшином воды 1893
53x71см холст/масло
Tate Britain, London, England, UK

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From Tate Britain, London:
Cézanne was preoccupied with still life, and painted the same objects over and over again. His concentrated study of familiar items enabled him to develop a new way of capturing his visual sensations. He believed that conventional perspective, which uses a single viewpoint, did not accurately reflect the way that we perceive the world. In this painting, he combined several viewpoints of the fat-bellied jug and fruit. Like many of his works, it was left unfinished.