Жорж-Пьер Сёра - Тромбонист 1887

Part of the studio 1887 Poseur standing, front view, study for 'Les poseuses' 1887 The Bridge at Courbevoie 1887 Trombone player 1887 Still Life with Hat, Parasol, and Clothes on a Chair 1887 Circus Sideshow 1888 Harbour at Port-en-Bessin at High Tide 1888
Жорж-Пьер Сёра - Тромбонист 1887

Тромбонист. Этюд к картине Цирк 1887
31x23см мелок/бумага
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA, US

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From Philadelphia Museum of Art:
Seurat used black Conté crayon to create gradations of tone on the textured paper, achieving effects akin to those in his pointillist paintings, in which he juxtaposed dots of pure colors that blended optically to produce another color. White chalk or crayon applied over black crayon delineates the loop of the trombone.