Жорж-Пьер Сёра - Гавань и причалы в Порт-ан-Бессен 1888

Sunday at Port-en-Bessin 1888 The Channel at Gravelines, Grand Fort-Philippe 1888 The Garbage Picker 1888The Harbour and the Quays at Port-en-Bessin 1888 The Models 1888 The river Seine at La Grande-Jatte 1888 Moored Boats and Trees 1890
Жорж-Пьер Сёра - Гавань и причалы в Порт-ан-Бессен 1888

Гавань и причалы в Порт-ан-Бессен 1888
67x81см холст/масло
Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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From Minneapolis Institute of Arts:
In the summer of 1888, Georges Seurat worked in Port-en-Bessin, a small fishing village in Normandy. He painted six views of the seaport and its surrounding countryside. His intention was "to translate as exactly as possible the luminosity of the open air, with all its nuances." Although Seurat shared the Impressionists' goal of translating nature's light and color, he also wished to make Impressionism more precise. He wanted to replace its spontaneous, improvisational qualities with a more systematic, objective approach that could reflect the essential structures of a landscape, not just its transitory effects. To this end, Seurat developed an unusual new technique, variously called pointillism, divisionism, or Neo-Impressionism. He juxtaposed small dots of pigment according to his interpretation of scientific theories of color and optics. His followers, like Paul Signac, continued the pointillist style after Seurat's early death from pneumonia.