Жорж Сёра - Одежда на траве 1883

A River Bank. The Seine at Asnieres 1883 Alley in the forest, Barbizon 1883 Boats near the Beach at Asnieres 1883 Clothes on the Grass 1883 Edge of Wood, Springtime 1883 Farm Women at Work 1883 Farmer to work 1883
Жорж Сёра - Одежда на траве 1883

Одежда на траве 1883
16x24см масло/доска
The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London

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From The National Gallery, London:
This is one of many oil studies for Seurat's first large-scale composition 'Bathers at Asnières' of 1884. This was set in the suburb of Asnières to the north-west of Paris and painted before he had fully evolved his technique of pointillism.
Like most of his other oil studies, this sketch was painted in the open air. Here the artist has suppressed the figures and concentrated on the landscape itself and the bundle of discarded clothing