Луи Анкетен - Девушка читает газету 1890

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Луи Анкетен - Девушка читает газету 1890

Девушка читает газету 1890
54x43см пастель на бумаге, установленная на толстом картоне
Tate Britain, London

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From Tate Britain, London:
Known for many years as 'The Absinthe Drinker', a title which seems to be incorrect. It is almost certainly the pastel 'Girl reading a Newspaper' exhibited at the International Society in 1906; the donor was a member of the International Society's Executive Council.
Anquetin used the same model for another pastel called 'Woman on a Japanese Background', which was exhibited at the Salon de la Société Nationale in May-July 1891 (953, repr.). The late Francis Howard said that he seemed to remember that visiting artists from Paris recognised her as a well-known model for similar pictures by several painters of women café frequenters (letter of 30 October 1953).