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Поль Сезанн - Тарелка с яблоками 1877

Тарелка с яблоками 1877
45x54см холст/масло
The Art Institute of Chicago

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From The Art Institute of Chicago:
This is one of several still lifes by Paul Cézanne showing the ocher wallpaper with blue lozenge-shaped motifs that was in his apartment on the rue de l’Ouest in Paris. The work’s early date is reinforced by the thickly applied paint, which is so different from the thin washes of pigments that the artist would use in his canvases in the 1880s and 1890s. The surface of the work was sculpted almost as much as painted. Around the apples, for instance, Cézanne used a palette knife or the end of his brush to incise contours.