Эжен Делакруа - Христос на кресте 1846

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Эжен Делакруа - Христос на кресте 1846

Христос на кресте 1846
80x64см холст/масло
Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, United States

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From Walters Art Museum, Baltimore:
Sharply silhouetted against the darkened sky is the dying Christ. A couple of gesturing spectators appear at the left, and on the right are two mounted Roman soldiers with billowing banners. Other onlookers are visible in the mid-ground. Although not a practicing Christian, Delacroix painted a number of New Testament subjects. Evidently, he was attracted to the drama of Christ's Passion and was endeavoring to deal with issues of personal faith raised by Christ's human and divine nature. When this work was exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1847, the critics enthusiastically praised it, noting its affinities with Crucifixion scenes by the great Flemish master Peter Paul Rubens.