Эжен Делакруа - Сцена из 'Хиосской резни' 1824

Massacre of Chios 1824 Portrait of a Young Man Wearing a Blue Beret 1824 Portrait of Thales Fielding 1824 Scenes from the Massacre of Chios 1824 Study of a Reclining Nude 1824 The Death of Lara 1824 Two Knights Fighting in a Landscape 1824
Эжен Делакруа - Сцена из 'Хиосской резни' 1824

Сцена из 'Хиосской резни' 1824
354x419см холст/масло
Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

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The Massacre at Chios (French: Scène des massacres de Scio) is the second major oil painting by the French artist Eugène Delacroix. The work is more than four meters tall, and shows some of the horror of the wartime destruction visited on the Island of Chios in the Chios massacre. A frieze-like display of suffering characters, military might, ornate and colourful costumes, terror, disease and death is shown in front of a scene of widespread desolation.
Unusually for a painting of civil ruin during this period, The Massacre at Chios has no heroic figure to counterbalance the crushed victims, and there is little to suggest hope among the ruin and despair. The vigour with which the aggressor is painted, contrasted with the dismal rendition of the victims has drawn comment since the work was first hung, and some critics have charged that Delacroix might have tried to show some sympathy with the brutal occupiers. The painting was completed and displayed at the Salon of 1824 and presently hangs at the Musée du Louvre in Paris.