Эжен Делакруа - Путешествия арабов 1855

Woman from Algiers with Windhund 1854 A Garden Path at Augerville 1855 A Moroccan Saddling a Horse. Arab Saddling his Horse 1855 Arabs Traveling 1855 Cliffs near Dieppe 1855 Lion and Caiman. Lion Clutching a Lizard or Lion Devouring an Alligator 1855 Lion Hunt 1855
Эжен Делакруа - Путешествия арабов 1855

Путешествия арабов 1855
54x65см холст/масло
Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art, United States

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From Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art:
Eugène Delacroix’s voyage to North Africa in 1832 had a profound influence on his artistic development. He filled numerous albums with sketches of the people and places he saw there, annotating his drawings with commentaries and with observations on color and light. Recording an excursion from Mèknes to Tangier on April 5, 1832, he described an encounter with travelers on horseback near a valley “stretching back as far as the eye can see.” The group included a veiled woman on horseback, attended by a man who restrains her steed. This encounter served as a source for Arabs Traveling, a composition that Delacroix painted in Paris more than twenty years later. Filtering the details of the original scene, he used loose brushstrokes and pure, complementary hues to create a flickering effect across the painting’s surface.