Ева Гонсалес - Букет из фиалок 1865

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Ева Гонсалес - Букет из фиалок 1865

Букет из фиалок 1865
33x29см холст/масло
Private collection

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From Sotheby's:
Devastated by Eva Gonzalès’ untimely death in childbirth at the age of 34, her father Emmanuel was at first extremely reluctant to part with the paintings she had left behind in her studio and he only ever did so when gifting works to close friends of the family. Such was the case with the present work, a charming still life of remarkably delicate tonalities which he inscribed on the reverse to mark the occasion. Aware that Emmanuel Gonzalès' handwriting was not easy to decipher in this instance—in particular, his scribbling of the word par/pour—and presumably still in contact with the original recipients of the work, Gonzalès' husband Henri Guérard sought to clarify the issue by re-affirming the authenticity of this painting himself with an inscription added over a decade later, on March 2, 1896.