Амедео Модильяни - Бюст Мануэля Гумберта 1916

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Amedeo Modigliani - Бюст Мануэля Гумберта 1916

Бюст Мануэля Гумберта 1916
66x51см холст/масло
Private Collection
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From Sothebys.com:
The elegant gentleman depicted in this portrait is Manuel Humbert Estève (1890-1975), a Spanish landscape painter from Barcelona whom Modigliani met in Paris. Manuel, or “Manuello” as his Italian friend called him, was one of a select group of artistic personalities living in Montparnasse whom Modigliani immortalized in 1916. The present picture is one of two portraits of Manuel from that year. Of the two works, the present work is the more intimate, featuring a close-up of the sitter’s face and paying particular attention to the depth and soulfulness of his eyes. More so than most of the portraits that Modigliani painted of his male acquaintances, this picture is rendered with a sensuality that he usually reserved for the sultry depictions of the women in his life, like Almaïsa. Manuello was a struggling painter and his life experiences working in bohemian Paris during the First World War mirrored Modigliani's. Very likely Modigliani identified with this young man whose Latin background and dark good looks were not unlike his own. But regardless of the feelings Modigliani held for his sitter, the resulting image is a truly seductive portrait of his young colleague, whose own personal aesthetic was once described by fellow Spaniard Joan Miró as “delicious and sensual.”