Амедео Модильяни - Леон Инденбаум 1915

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Amedeo Modigliani - Леон Инденбаум 1915

Леон Инденбаум 1915
54x45см холст/масло
Henry and Rose Pearlman Collection on long-term loan to the Princeton University Art Museum
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Léon Indenbaum was a Russian sculptor and artist (naturalized French), born on December 10, 1890 at Chavusy (Belarus), died September 29, 1981 in Opio (France).
From 1911 to 1919, Leon Indenbaum will complete his artistic training in the workshop of the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle at Montparnasse, he had a predilection for the work of his pupil he called "mon jeune poulain" (my protegee) By 1912, he outlines three stone sculptures at the Salon des Indépendants. During this period he became a close friend of Modigliani. Modigliani lived some time at Leon Indenbaum's where they shared their passion for art, before renting an artist studio together.