Клод Моне - Ветёй, розовый эффект 1901

Claude Monet - Vetheuil at Sunset 1901 Claude Monet - Vetheuil, Afternoon 1901 Claude Monet - Vetheuil, Morning Effect 1901 Claude Monet - Vetheuil, Pink Effect 1901 Claude Monet - Vetheuil 1901 Claude Monet - Vetheuil 1901 Claude Monet - Waterloo Bridge 1901
Клод Моне - Ветёй, розовый эффект 1901

Ветёй, розовый эффект 1901
90x93см холст/масло
Art Institute of Chicago, USA
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From the Art Institute of Chicago :
Claude Monet’s series of 15 canvases depicting the village of Vétheuil, 7 miles from his home in Giverny, dates from July 1901. During that summer, the artist and his family rented a small riverside house in Lavacourt, across the Seine River from Vétheuil, to escape the heat. The Vétheuil series shows the view across the river from Monet’s balcony at various times of day. This painting depicts midday, and the one at right represents sunset. As he did for numerous works, beginning with the canvases for the series Mornings on the Seine, he used a nearly square canvas, so that the decorative effect takes precedence over the details of the scene itself.