Клод Моне - Водяные лилии 1905

Claude Monet - Parliament, Reflections on the Thames 1905 Claude Monet - The Japanese Bridge The Bridge over the Water-Lily Pond 1905 Claude Monet - Water Lilies 1905 Claude Monet - Water Lilies 1905 Claude Monet - Water Lilies 1905 Claude Monet - Water Lilies 1905 Claude Monet - Water Lily Pond and Bridge 1905
Клод Моне - Водяные лилии 1905

Водяные лилии 1905
81x101см холст/масло
Private Collection. Location: National Museum Wales, Cardiff, UK
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Catalogue Note from Sotheby's
Claude Monet’s Nymphéas are amongst the most iconic and celebrated Impressionist paintings. The profound impact the series has made on the evolution of Modern Art marks them out as Monet’s greatest achievement. The famous lily pond in his garden at Giverny provided the subject matter for most of his major late works, recording the changes in his style and his constant pictorial innovations. The present work, which dates from 1905, is a powerful testament to Monet’s enduring vision and creativity in his mature years. Monet’s Nymphéas from 1905-1907 are triumphantly achieved monuments of color; the water reflects the skies’ shifting hues and the lilies themselves are elegant touches of paint applied with bravura. As Daniel Wildenstein notes, it was in 1905 that Monet’s canvases took an especially close up view of the pond, with a number of water lilies in the foreground of their compositions, and no sign of the banks. This innovative approach can be seen in the present work and a closely related painting in the National Museum of Wales.