Клод Моне - Дом среди роз 1925

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Клод Моне - Дом среди роз 1925

Дом среди роз 1925
92x73см холст/масло
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, Spain
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From Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid:
This painting depicts the front of the artist's house in Giverny seen from the garden. Of the house, in the background, we can see the dark slate roof (which the light tinges in violet), the dark gaps of the first floor windows, and an opening (door or window) on the ground floor. Two large rose trees in bloom frame the composition: the one on the left, represented in the foreground, is cut by the edge of the painting; that on the right, a little further behind, can be seen almost in its totality. The rose trees and the house cover most of the pictorial plane; the rest is taken up by the sky and a clump of blue lilies (with the flowers already withered), in the foreground.
From 1913 and until his death, in 1926, Monet was busy mainly with the large decorative series of the Water Lilies. All the other works executed in those years are views of his garden. These are paintings with a conventional format, executed mainly outdoors, which can be divided into several groups according to their subject; the largest is devoted to the so called "Japanese bridge". Very few of them are signed and dated; therefore they can only be given an approximate date based on circumstantial information. The series to which this painting belongs is formed by six pictures. In accordance with information provided by people who had visited Monet's studio, Wildenstein dates them in the summer of 1925.
Tomàs Llorens