Клод Моне - Сена в Руане 1872

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Клод Моне - Сена в Руане 1872

Сена в Руане 1872
54x65см холст/масло
Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia
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From the State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia:
Here, Monet was concerned less to have his sailboats stand out sharply against the water's smooth surface, than, as they emerge from the leaves of the background trees, to fit them into the general structure of verticals and horizontals. Despite the widespread view that the Impressionists and their leader, Monet, gave little thought to the structure of their landscapes, while concentrating on fleeting impressions, The Seine at Rouen is notable for its truly "constructive" composition. The shadowed foreground supports the overall impression of a joyful sunny day, with its casual play of light and shadow; the sun's rays, penetrating the foliage, trace intricate designs on the shore that simultaneously echo and contrast with the reflections on the water.