Клод Моне - Бульвар Сен-Дени, Аржантёй, зима 1875

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Клод Моне - Бульвар Сен-Дени, Аржантёй, зима 1875

Бульвар Сен-Дени, Аржантёй, зима 1875
60x81см холст/масло
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
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From Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:
The Impressionist interest in specific effects of light and weather is evident in Monet’s rendering of the exact moment in which the sun struggles to break through a light snowfall. He made a preparatory sketch for this painting; clearly, careful deliberation lay behind his seemingly spontaneous technique. The subject of falling snow and the figures with umbrellas are reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints, which had a strong influence on Impressionist artists.