Клод Моне - Адольф Моне читает в саду 1866

Claude Monet - The Seine Estuary at Honfluer 1865 Claude Monet - Victor Jacquemont Holding a Parasol 1865 Claude Monet - Wooded Path 1865 Claude Monet - Adolphe Monet Reading in the Garden 1866 Claude Monet - Boats in the Port of Honfleur 1866 Claude Monet - Camille or The Woman in a Green Dress 1866 Claude Monet - Camille with a Small Dog 1866
Клод Моне - Адольф Моне читает в саду 1866

Адольф Моне читает в саду 1866
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'Garden at Sainte-Adresse,' Monet’s 1867 painting of a sun-dappled seaside that features the artist’s father, Adolphe, wearing a panama hat and watching boats, has belonged to the Metropolitan Museum of Art since 1967. 'Adolphe Monet Reading in a Garden,' painted the same year, in which the artist’s father — wearing the same clothes — is relaxing with a newspaper in the shade.