Клод Моне - Затонувшая дорога в скалах Варанжевиля 1882

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Клод Моне - Затонувшая дорога в скалах Варанжевиля 1882

Затонувшая дорога в скалах Варанжевиля 1882
60x73см холст/масло
New Art Gallery Walsall, UK
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From New Art Gallery Walsall:
Monet lived in a small fishing village near to Varengeville in Normandy, where he produced a lot of work inspired by the scenic coastline. He was interested in the triangular shapes formed by the meeting of cliffs, sky and sea, and this piece is a typical asymmetrical composition. The building on the left is a coastguard's cottage. The pale sky and murky palette reveal Monet's interest in the changing light at different times of day and the influence of the weather and general environment.