©Пабло Пикассо - Бассейн 1952

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Пабло Пикассо - Бассейн 1952

Бассейн 1952
80x126см холст/масло
Sotheby's - LOT SOLD. 2,781,000 GBP Private collection
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From Sotheby's:
Le Réservoir is one of a small group of landscapes that Picasso painted over a two week period in September 1952. Depicting the grounds of his distinctive pink villa ‘La Galloise’ and the surrounding area, these works illustrate the artist’s ongoing love affair with the South of France, rendering in paint the vivid colours and languid atmosphere of the region.
Picasso had visited the small town of Vallauris in the summer of 1946 whilst staying at the nearby Golfe-Juan on the Côte d’Azur. A chance meeting with Suzanne and Georges Ramié and a visit to their Madoura pottery studio ignited a spark that was to prove deeply compelling to Picasso. He returned to Vallauris the following year making the town his permanent home. In 1948, accompanied by Françoise Gilot and their one year old son Claude, the artist moved into ‘La Galloise’ and their daughter Paloma was born there the following year. During his time in Vallauris Picasso continued painting portraits as well as working on the ceramics that had initially drawn him to the region, but the landscape seems to have inspired a new interest in his surroundings, with the artist also increasingly depicting his home and its garden.