©Пабло Пикассо - Сестра художника Лола 1899-1900

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Пабло Пикассо  - Сестра художника Лола 1899

Сестра художника Лола 1899-1900
62x50см холст/масло
The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH, USA
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From The Cleveland Museum of Art:
Picasso painted this portrait of his sister when he was about 18 years old and just discovering avant-garde art through his association with the modernista artists of the Els 4 Gats (Four Cats) café in Barcelona. The evocative colors and melting forms suggest the influence of El Greco, a painter abhorred by academics but admired by Spanish modernists. Lola's mantilla may allude to the family's Andalusian roots in southern Spain.