©Пабло Пикассо - Облокотившийся Арлекин 1901

Evocation. The Burial of Casagemas 1901 Woman with jewelery 1901 Flower seller 1901 Harlequin leaning 1901 Head of woman 1901 Reclining nude Jeanne 1901 La Gommeuse 1901
Пабло Пикассо  - Облокотившийся Арлекин 1901

Облокотившийся Арлекин 1901
82x61см холст/масло
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
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From Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York:
By 1901 Harlequin was a ubiquitous figure in popular culture. He usually carried a baton, or slapstick, and wore a black mask. However, Picasso gave his Harlequin a white face and ruffs: the attributes of Pierrot, the melancholy, cuckolded clown who inevitably loses his love, Columbine, to the nimble and lusty Harlequin. Many writers have suggested that the pensive mood of this picture and the series to which it belongs were the result of Picasso's brooding on the suicide of his friend Carles Casagemas, who, like Pierrot, was unrequited in love.