©Пабло Пикассо - Madrilenian. Портрет молодой женщины 1901

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Пабло Пикассо  - Madrilenian. Портрет молодой женщины 1901

Madrilenian. Портрет молодой женщины 1901
52x33см масло/панель
The Kröller-Müller Museum
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From The Kröller-Müller Museum:
The portrait shows a young woman with orange-red hair, fashionably attired in a white dress with a matching flamboyant yellow hat with white and blue accents, against a blue-green background. Her wistful face is painted rather evenly, but for the rest the portrait is composed of loose impasto brushstrokes and touches. This together with the contrasting colours gives the portrait a dynamic character.
The identity of this ‘Madrilenian’ is unknown. She has, however, posed for Picasso on several occasions, because he makes another painting of this woman in the same year.