Жорж-Пьер Сёра - Люцерна, Сен-Дени 1886

The Seine at Courbevoie 1885 View of Fort Samson 1885 The Morning Walk 1885 Alfalfa, St. Denis 1886 Beach at Bas Butin, Honfleur 1886 End of the Jetty, Honfleur 1886 Harbor in Honfleur 1886
Жорж-Пьер Сёра - Люцерна, Сен-Дени 1886

Люцерна, Сен-Дени 1886
65x81см холст/масло
National Galleries of Scotland

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From National Galleries of Scotland:
Seurat's use of short, unblended, strongly coloured brushstrokes has created a vivid and vibrant work. Distant farm buildings and houses are seen across a field of alfalfa (luzerne), punctuated throughout by red poppy flowers. This is part of the broad plain, which in the nineteenth century, still separated Paris from Saint-Denis (now a northern suburb of the capital). It is a fascinating example of the painting technique Seurat developed, called 'divisionism' or 'pointillism'.