Тициан, Тициано Вечеллио - Даная 1553-1554

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Тициан, Тициано Вечеллио - Даная 1553-1554

Даная 1553-1554
129x180см холст/масло
Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Spain
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From Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid:
Danaë depicts the moment in which Jupiter possesses the princess in the form of golden rain. Titian painted his first Danaë in Rome in 1544-45 for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, in reference to the Cardinal´s love affair with a courtesan. This Danaë was the model for the version created for Philip II, in which Cupid was replaced by an old nursemaid, whose inclusion enriched the painting by creating a series of sophisticated counterpoints: youth versus old age; beauty versus loyalty; a nude figure versus a dressed figure.