Тициан, Тициано Вечеллио - Триумф любви 1510-1576

Tiziano Vecelli - The Death of St Peter Martyr (copy by Cassala) 1510-1576 Tiziano Vecelli - The Flaying of Marsyas 1510-1576 Tiziano Vecellio - The Martyrdom of Saint Peter 1510-1576 Tiziano Vecellio - The Triumph of Love 1510-1576 Titian - Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptis 1510-1576 Titian - An Idyll. A Mother and a Halberdier in a Wooded Landscape 1505-1510 Titian - The Birth of Adonis 1505-1510
Тициан, Тициано Вечеллио - Триумф любви 1510-1576

Триумф любви 1510-1576
88x88см холст/масло
Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom
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