Луи Анкетен - Две дамы в лесу 1889

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Луи Анкетен - Две дамы в лесу 1889

Две дамы в лесу 1889
68x51см пастель/бумага
Private collection

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From Sotheby's:
Dating from 1889, the present work records just such a fleeting moment, and also seems to capture the essence of the artist’s chosen subject. The central figure, with her flaming red hair, strongly resembles Juliette Vary, one of the artist's favorite models who he painted repeatedly. She was the daughter of a neighbor in Montmartre, aged just 18 at the time of this work’s execution. The pastel formerly had a backboard that was inscribed Juliette, though the records about the work's subject are not entirely definitive.